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The Benefits of Poultry Litter

Unlock the potential of your agricultural practices with our Poultry Litter, meticulously designed to provide optimal plant nutrition. At a rate of 8 tonnes per hectare (3T/acre) in the first year, you can expect essential nutrients such as Nitrogen (72kg/ha), Phosphate (120 kg/ha), and Potash (130kg/ha), complemented by sulphur, magnesium, and other vital macro and micro nutrients.

Key benefits include:

  1. Enhanced Soil Quality:
    Improved organic matter.
    Positive impact on soil biology.
  2. Structural Advantages:
    Boosts and sustains soil structure.
  3. Crop Establishment Support: Accelerates crop establishment, especially beneficial for crops like oilseed rape and winter wheat when incorporated into the seedbed prior to sowing.
  4. Long-term Nutrient Benefits: Continued nutrient advantages in the 2nd and subsequent years.
  5. Efficient Application:
    Easily stockpiled and spread with conventional and rear discharge spreaders.
    Achieves excellent work rates, with application rates typically not exceeding 8 tonnes per hectare.

Optimize your farming practices with our Poultry Litter – a sustainable solution for nutrient-rich, thriving crops.

Our Mission Statement

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